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                     Annual Board Meeting  May 15, 2021  (video conference)  at 09:30 a.m.  Regular meeting immediately after.
                                          January 2021 Newsletter is posted;  Feb. 20, 2021 Minutes are posted.  
                                         Necrology for 2020 is posted on Remembrance Page   
                                                                       2020 Minutes of the Annual Board Meeting are posted on the Events Page

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Current Address

Cherokee Station
PO Box 20493
New York  NY 10021




Former Address

113 W 60th St
New York, NY, 10023

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Officers                   Class Leader for Years

Andrew "Chick" Pisani - President              
Mike Kelly - Vice President                            '50-'59
Brian McCann -Secretary

Kevin Bollbach - Treasurer                       '60 to '64


Board MembersKevin McGeary                      '30 to '40 & '70 to '74

Joe DeFazio

Sean Crowley

Norm Jardine

Richard Martin                                        '75 to '79

Carl Hall                                                 '80 to '84

Steve Kallas

John Torres

Dennis Mooney

Tom Tuffey


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Class Captains contact  is the Class Leader