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Honor Roll

                    This section is dedicated to those Power Memorial Academy Alumni who gave their lives in the defense of their country or in service to their fellow citizens. We thank our brothers listed below and their families for their sacrifice. To add to this list send an e-mail with the name, graduating class, and a brief narrative to: John Torres


Viet Nam


CAPT. Lawrence B Ryan Class of 1959

Lawrence B. Ryan was born August 15, 1939. He was born on the West Side of Manhattan and graduated from St. Gregory the Great Elementary School in 1953,. He graduated from PMA in 1959 and was killed in Viet Nam on June 30, 1968. A very nice web page dedicated to his memory can be found at: http://www.deltaphiepsilon.net/Ryan_gathering.html. Thanks to John Dunham for the information on Capt. Lawrence B. Ryan.


2nd Lieutenant Patrick J. Gallagher Class of 1962

2Nd Lieutenant Patrick J. Gallagher Class of 1962. He was born October 24, 1943 and grew up in the Bronx. He attended Holy Rosary School and graduated in 1958. He attended Power Memorial and graduated in 1962 and went on to Providence College where he graduated in 1966. He went into the Marine Corps and was killed in action on September 27, 1967 during a firefight in Quang Tri Provence, South Viet Nam while leading a platoon enroute to reinforce the Marine base at Con Thien. This is submitted by his brother Jim Gallagher Class of 1953


CPL. Roy Koenig Class of 1965

Roy Koenig was born April 29,1947. He grew up in Rosedale NY and attended Power from 1961 to 1965. He graduated in 1965. Roy started his tour of duty July 23, 1968. Three months later, on Oct.7th, 1968,CPL Roy Koenig was killed by small arms fire in Hua Nghia, South Vietnam. You can find him, Etched In Stone, on Panel 41W, Line 025, on the Traveling Wall. Rest in Peace my good friend. Roy is interred in the Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale at Section Q, Site 1644
Thanks to
 Dave Searles (1965) for submitting this entry. Also see: www.expage.com/RosedaleMemorial.


CPL. Eugene Elder Class of 1966

Eugene Elder was born on October 25th, 1948. Eugene grew up on East 98th Street in the 50′s – 60′s. He attended St. Francis de Sales grade school and went on to Power from 1962-1966. He joined the Armed Forces while in NEW YORK, NY. He served as a 11B10 in the Army. In 1 year of service, he attained the rank of CPL/E3. He began a tour of duty on December 10, 1968. On March 6, 1969, at the age of 20, Eugene Elder perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Bien Hoa. You can find Eugene Elder honored on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Panel 30W, Row 52. Post a remembrance and or get a virtual name rubbing of Eugene Elder at the Virtual Wall online. Thanks to James Rockwitz for submitting this entry. Visit http://www.capveterans.com/


CPL. Curtis J. Fernhoff Class of 1966

Curtis Fernhoff was born on August 3, 1948 in Jackson Heights, Queens where he attended St. Joan of Arc grammar school, graduating in 1962. 
While serving as a radio operator with the 101st Airborne Division, Curtis Fernhoff was killed in a firefight on Hill 996 in Thua Thien Province, South Viet Nam on July 11, 1969.


PFC. William Francis Hannigan Class of 1967

William Francies Hannigan was born on June 30, 1949. He attended Power Memorial Academy and graduated in June 1967. He joined the Armed Forces and served as a 11B10 in the Army. In 1 year of service, he attained the rank of PFC/E3. He began a tour of duty on January 8, 1970. On March 24, 1970, at the age of 20, William Francis Hannigan perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Quang Ngai. You can find William Francis Hannigan honored on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Panel 12W, Row39.


 William Lake   William Lake Class of 1974

Firefighter William Lake perished in the Trade Center’s North Tower the day after he celebrated 20 years on the NYFD. As a member of the elite Rescue Squad 2. Billy Lake saved people in all manner of disasters, including the 1993 Trade Center bombing and the Oklahoma City tragedy. Lake was known for his dedication to saving lives. He had suffered hearing loss from a scuba dive rescue and burns from chemicals encountered on another call. He had all the trappings of a tough guy: a Rescue 2 tattoo, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, hands scarred from many rescue operations. But to really know Firefighter Lake was to know his tender side, to see him with his son, his mother and his cat.


  William Thompson Class of 1968

William Thompson was a NYC Court Officer and an instructor at the Academy for new court officers. He died heroically as he ran from his office into the burning Towers to assist rescue workers. Bill was respected for his professionalism and dedication “A top-of-the-line-guy”. He did not have to be in the World Trade Center, but when the first plane hit, he rushed through crowds of fleeing people and upstairs to help. He was one of the first on the scene. Along with other Court Officers he evacuated civilians in the towers. Captain Thompson was last seen heading into the Towers just before they collapsed, to continue his assistance in the evacuation.

   Richard Fitzsimons Class of 1961

Richard Fitzsimons was a retired Firefighter working as a Fire and Safety Officer at the World Trade Center on 9/11. He put duty above personal safety on that day, leading trapped people out of harm’s way and saving dozens of trapped children in one tower before he died in the disaster.

L Virgilio   Lawrence Virgilio Class of 1980

Lawrence Joseph Virgilio an advanced rescue specialist at Squad 18 in Manhattan, was trapped when the Twin Towers collapsed. Larry was born to be a Firefighter. He did not have to be a Firefighter since he held a degree in physical therapy from New York University, but he loved responding to crises and he loved the firehouse camaraderie After 13 years as a Firefighter, he had just been given the honor of training to become a member of the elite Fire Department team that travels to other cities in times of disaster.

Philip Petti  Philip Petti Class of 1976

Philip Petti was a Lieutenant and 18-year veteran of the NYFD when he was killed in the WTC tragedy.  An avid sports enthusiast who played on the NYFD Hockey Team, his home was filled with athletic 

equipment.  He had a wonderful disposition and he accepted whatever life handed him his family said. His favorite expression was, `That’s what it is; deal with it’

Joseph Leavey   Joseph Leavey Class of 1973

Joseph Leavey always wanted to be a Firefighter. He gave up a lucrative position as a construction manager to become one. Stationed at the South St. Seaport with Ladder 15, he was one of the first Firefighters to arrive at the World Trade Center. He was known for his intelligence, quick-wit, and was very personable. Joe was a people person who knew everyone in his town of Pelham. It is ironic that a man who was instrumental in the construction of many great buildings should die in the collapse of one of the greatest.


Donald Burns Class of 1957

Donald Burns was a decorated, 39-year veteran of the FDNY who had received awards for bravery five times. He was promoted to Chief of Operations shortly after 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was known in the Department as an exceptional leader and a brilliant tactician and strategist who had an encyclopedic knowledge of the city Although “Off Duty” he responded to the emergency at the WTC. Upon his arrival at the scene he set up a command post at the foot of the South Tower. Just minutes later the tower collapsed, killing him and his seven-man staff.

His body was found on September 13th and identified from dental records.


David Wiswall Class of 1965

David was a Senior Vice President at Aon Insurance in the World Trade Center. He died in the collapse of the 99th floor. David was a nice, easy going guy but he could get very excited about a patch of lush

green grass. When he wasn't out playing golf, he was out in the yard. He was planning his retirement and a move to North Carolina.

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