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Remembrance Mass

Prayer of the Faithful by Cathal "Chuck" Cunningham '57 Founding Member PMAAA

For His Holiness, Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ For His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of N.Y.
For Father Gil Martinez, Pastor of St Paul the Apostle Parish, all the Paulist Fathers............... Bishop Gerald Walsh... and all the bishops and clergy of the Church...may they preserve the unity of the Church, which has the Holy Spirit as its origin...and peace as its binding force.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For women & men religious worldwide, who minister in Your Church, especially the Congregation of Christian Brothers...may You, the harvest Master, sustain them in their vocations and send more workers into the harvest with single mindedness of purpose.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For the speedy advancement of the Cause for Sainthood of Blessed Edmund Rice, Founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers of Ireland.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For those in position of public trust...especially the President of the United States, Governors, Senators and members of Congress...heads of State, leaders and lawmakers of all nations, that they may govern wisely, work to establish and maintain world peace, serve justice...and promote the dignity and freedom of every person.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For those of the human family encountering special difficulties ... the sick and dying, refugees and the homeless...for those suffering the effects of war or civil strife, and all who are in danger...especially the men and women of the United States Armed Forces...for all unjustly deprived of freedom...that they may be protected.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For a blessing on all human labor and for the proper use of the riches of creation, that the world may be delivered from terrorism...war... poverty...famine and disaster.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For our loved ones and friends, and all who have died in the Communion of your Church, and whose faith is known to You alone...especially our brother alumni...unknown by name to us...who have perished defending our country and the freedom of others in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, the Middle East... and those of our ranks who died so suddenly and terribly as victims of the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001. That with the angels and saints, they may rest in peace where there is no pain... fear or grief, but life eternal.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For the Power Memorial Academy Alumni Association, born of a deep and abiding respect for our now defunct Alma Mater... that with the protection and guidance of Blessed Edmund, it may flourish and succeed in its goals of fraternity and promulgation of the memory of our school and its high standards. That this may be attained through the generosity and financial support of benefactors...in turn, permitting scholarships to be provided to deserving youngsters...endowing them with the rewards of a solid secondary Catholic education.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord graciously hear us.

Recalling to mind the many sacrifices, struggles and determination of our beloved parents to provide our own, fine Catholic education in our formative years...and through it, our development as honest, Christian gentlemen, defenders of our Faith, and proud American citizens. We ask You, our Heavenly Father, to keep us ever thankful and worthy of this treasured gift from them.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

And finally...for ourselves...for the forgiveness of our sins and for the grace of the Holy Spirit to amend our lives. Rejoicing then, in the fellowship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, and Patroness and Protector of our country...St Paul... Saints Patrick and Bridget, and all the angels and saints, let us commend ourselves and one another and all our life to Christ...to You, O Lord our God...


*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For the families of all those for whom we remember at this Mass ...I offer this Irish wish...

“Rath de ort...slan agus beannacht de Poric go leat.”
“The Grace of God be with you...fare thee well...and blessings of Patrick go with you.”

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Note the new date of the Mass

Power Memorial Academy
Alumni Association

March 18, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.
St. Paul the Apostle Church
60th St. & Columbus Ave. 


His Excellency The Most Reverend Gerald T. Walsh, D.D.
Auxiliary Bishop of New York
Power Memorial Academy 1959


Fr. Gil Martinez, C.S.P., Pastor,
St Paul the Apostle Church, NY

Msgr. Peter V. Kain, PMA ’57, Pastor,
St. Ephrem Church, Brooklyn, NY

Fr. John Gildea, PMA ’57, St. Bartholomew, Elmhurst, NY

Fr. Raymond Nobletti, M.M., PMA ’60,
Transfiguration Church, NYC

Fr. Jeremiah Sullivan, C.S.P., PMA ‘48

Fr. Raymond Maher, O. Carm. PMA ’65 Pastor,
Church of the Transfiguration, Tarrytown, NY

Fr. James Lloyd, C.S.P., PMA ‘39

Fr. James Mc Quade, C.S.P., Power Chaplin

Deacons Hal Lynch
Deacon Paul Morin
Deacon Bob Gruntcharak
Deacon Dean Tully

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Necrology Mass of Remembrance 2015

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Br. Eugene Finbar Ryall, Founding Principal
Br. George Lawless, Br. J. Hubert Vaughan
Br. Francis O’Connor, Br. Alfred Keane
Br. William Hennessy
Br. Alphonse Packenham, Br. Robert McMullen
Br. Patrick Synan, Paul Daigneault


Br. William Acker,  Charles Boyle, Br. Edward B Boyle
Br. John Bielen, Arthur Bressan, Br. John A. Brosnan
Mary E. Buckley, Ed Burns, William Carr, 
Albert Casseday Bandmaster, Francis Coleman
Br. P.C. Collins, Br. C. Anthony Conefrey,
Br. Philip S. Considine, Martin Cooney, 
Richard Coppolino,  Br. A. Edmund D’Adamo
Br. F. A. Deady, William Dennehy, Br. Devane
Jack Donohue, Michael Doughty, Br. John G Driscoll Br. John M. Egan, Br. Joseph Enright, John P. Flood
Br. Martin J Fragala, Br. P. E. Galway,
Br. P. A. Gleeson, Fr. Donald Gollinge
Gerald Grimmeyer, Br. James Harrington
Br. Joe Harrington, Ed Hickey, Br. Mark Hunt
Br. Charles Irwin, Rev. Peter Jacobs
Br. Thomas Jensen, Robert Kass, Br. John Kean
Gerard Keane, Br. E.V. Kelly, Br. Jim Kennedy
Br. Norbet Kent, Br. Lawrence Killea,
Thomas P. Kostka, Jack Kuhnert
Br. Peter Lawrence, Br. J.M. Leavey
Robert McDermott, Br. John F. McGowan,
Br. J.G. McKenna, Br. Joseph McLaughlin,
Br. J.N. McMahon, Br. J.E. Monaghan,
Br. Patrick Morkan,
Eugene Morra Bandmaster, John Mulligan
Br. Richard Nardi, Br. J. William Noone,
Br. William E. O’Connor, Br. Thomas P. O'Dwyer,
Br. Francis I. Offer, Br. Martin O’Hehir, Br. H. O’Neil Br. John O’Neill, Br. Henry Otto, Br. P. E. O’Ryan
Br. Bernard Olwell, Richard Percudani, Br. J.T. Perry Br. Gerald Power, Br. Richard Power, 
Br. Patrick Reilly, E.T. Rice, Daniel Rood,
Br. Samuel Ryan, 
Br. Thomas V. Ryan, Br. J.M. Shea Br. Michael F Sheridan, Br. J.B. Sloan,
Br. J. Sebastian Smith, Br. Arthur Sullivan,
Br. James Timoney, Harry Wigger


Thomas Burke, James Burns, Edward Ciola,
Stephen A. Downes, Joseph Hanrahan,
Thomas Holohan, Joseph Lynch, James Meehan  James O’Connor 

Thomas Finnegan, Mike Hartigan, James O’Connor Timothy Ring,  Harry S. Smith, Leonard Straub
Andy Wilkerson, Henry Westermann


John Byrne, James McElroy, John Hayes,
John T Ryan


Kevin Breen, Wesley J Brush, Jr.,  James Carney
Br. Edward Cassidy, John Egan, Thomas Gorman
Fr. Thomas McEnroe, Martin Reynolds


John F. Baldwin, Philip G Farley, Br. John Hayes Terence Heslin, Thomas Kirk, Fr. Edward Maher, CSP Charles Masterson, Joseph Moran,  Edward Michaels John Toich


Charles Casey, John Courtney, Francis Faivre, Sr.
Joseph Hipius

Thomas Curran, Gerald Curry, John Daly,
Patrick Faughnan,  Robert Goldstein, Michael Gribbon Edward J Johnston, James Kelly, Edward Killelea George Lastousky, John T McCann,
Vincent McInerney, Stephen J. Shea, John Touhy
Fr. John Weber, CSP


Joseph Alfonso, James Behr, John Cantwell
Neil Dorrian, Ray Hogan, Waleed G Maloof,
Joseph McCarthy, John J. Murphy, John Quinn Edward Schooner, Charles Walsh

Leonard F. Allen, John Barry, Patrick Conway,
Edward J Kane, Thomas Killelea, John T Lynch, Andrew McCusker, John McGovern, John J Moore, Peter R. Petrich, Thomas J Powers Sr., Steve Rogers William Soderling, James C Sullivan, George Tempro, James D Waugh, Richard G. Woods 


Redmond P Burke, Raymond J. Hogan,
Patrick Kiernan, John Logan, Raymond Lorentz,
John Martin, Thomas Mc Sherry, William Powers, William E. Synan,  Thomas White


Raphael de los Rios, George T. Gashun,
William Hanigan, Eugene McCann, Francis O’Shea John Powers, John P. Urell


Fred C Boyce, William J Boylan, Thomas Clifford,
Rev. Vincent Fox, John V. Faughnan, Joseph Gowing Luke Healy, Edward Johnson,Robert Laffan,
Joseph Leahy,Edward Lowry, Martin Quinn,
Timothy Reilly, Joseph Turiello, John E. Walsh 


Gerard Adams,  Joe Breslin, Patrick Caufield,
Frank Craven, Francis J Faughran, Joseph Gowing Rev. Joseph Gribbon CSsR, Frank Martens,
William Timoney


William Boylan, John Cronin, Dan Duggan,
Stephen Flynn, Donald Harrison,  Michael J. Hastry, John G Lowry, Maurice “Dave” Lynch,
Fr. James F McCabe,  Patrick C Moran, Robert Monks Edward Powers, Maurice O’Connell,
Br. Francis O’Connor, Edward Roepke, Pat Torney, William Torp


John Ahearn,  Jim Breslin, Tom Campbell,
Richard Cavanaugh, Tom Hennessey,
Kenneth Holihan,  Ed Lynch, John J Martin,
James McGuinness,
Tom McGuire, Founding Member PMA Alumni, Assoc. John McMahon, Michael J Fitzgerald,
William O Lenihan,  James McGuinness, John J Martin Cornelius Moran, James Nevins, Michael Roche,
John Torney

George R. Barlett, John Brady, Thomas Brady – 3/15/48 killed while practicing for St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Regis Courtemanche, Raymond Coyne Edward Cusack, John Ennis, Peter Fiduccia,
Tom Hartney, Richard McCarron, William McMyler Robert Nellen, William P O’Hara,  Charles Shaw


John Browne, William Ennis, Thomas Kennan,
John Lally, John Loughlin, Martin J Ross, Jim Saul

Francis J Batridge, Peter Deutsch, John F. Doyle,
Fr. John Egan, James Fitzgibbon, George Gashun, James Gay, Charles Jordan, John J. Kelly,
Raymond Monahan,
Terrance McAdams - 
Founding Member PMA Alumni Association,
Thomas “TC” Murray -
Founding Member PMA Alumni Association,
Thomas P. Murray,  Philip Myles,
Br. Frank Sassone, Carl Stopher, Mark Travers,
Larry Rood,  Daniel Timothy, Mark Travers,
Peter Toner, George Townsend, James Ward


John Patrick Byrne, John Barrett, Kevin Costello,
Tim Doyle, Thomas Higgins,  James Hunt,
Brian Kennedy, Andrew Loughlin,
Thomas J. Gallahue Jr, John F Ryan, Daniel Withers, George Yarwood

William Bellow, Robert Carr,  Gerald Coyle,
Donald Fraser, Robert F. Hesse, Michael Lynch, Timothy Lynch, James Malone, Michael O’Brien,  
John J. O’Driscoll, Daniel P Ryan, Dennis P Scanlon, Robert Schroeder, Bernard Slean, Joseph T. Walsh

Lou Amoroso, Jim Barry, Joseph Corcoran,
Vincent J. Duffy,Kevin Fay, James E. Green,
Edwin Joly, Jane Ekins Kelly, Honorary,
Anthony Lesica,James J. McCormack, Peter McGinn, Anthony McHale,Paul Mullanay, Patrick O'Connor, Tom O'Gorman, Peter J. O'Shea, James E. Roche, Vincent Russo, Edwin T. Spilde, James Towey

Paul Beck, Armando Contatore, Denis Flanagan,
Martin Flanagan, Frank Gatens, Robert Hammond,
Francis R. Jones, Denis Kenny, John Mannion, 
Edward Martin,
Dion McKenna -
Founding Member PMA Alumni Association,
Hugh McVeigh, Ken Morrissey, 
Kevin Murphy, James O'Shea, Eugene Phelan,
Kevin Redican, Patrick Scullion, Richard Sheil,
Martin H. Smoak, Sal Tragna, Ronald J. Whitteck,
Kenneth Younghans, Kenneth Wendell

Msgr. John Antoncic, Edward P. Callahan,
Patrick Cassidy, James Cliggett,
Cathal “Chuck” Cunningham -
Founding member PMA Alumni Association,
John F Doyle, Michael Fox, Raymond Grady,
Thomas Hefferton, Timothy F. Kearney, John Keenan, Joseph Morgan, Daniel O’Sullivan, Michael Toal

Vincent P Arbour, James Bautz, Richard C Bertodatti Anthony Biancarosa, William Birch, Steve Davern,
Anthony “Joe” Deacy, Peter Duffy, Harry Efferen
Rev. D Michael Flynn, SJ, John R. Haffey,
James Lennon,Robert Vitagliano, Donald Swain,
Brian A. Toal

William Corcoran, Waverly Davis, Michael Flynn, SJ Jerry Panacciulli, George M Reilly, Patrick Reddy,
Br. Matthew Sinnott, Joseph VandenHaute,
Michael Zaremski

William Achatz, Stephen Andrews,
Edward Ballard, 
Arthur Bressan, Victor Cintron,
James J. Collins, William Daly, Barrington Duckett, Francis Dundon, Patrick T. Granaghan, Michael Hayes Francis Hiner, Fred Holmes, Jeffery D Keating,
James Lisenmeyer, Edward Longazel, John Mahoney, Rodney C. Mason, Battista Mazzocchi, Patrick McCrink Ronald Morales, Jerome Morea, Dennis Morgan,
Peter Murphy, Robert Ramos, Vincent Stella,
John T. Stenson, Victor Tesoriero, John Walsh

George V. Baker, Thomas J. Bannon,
Francis G. Brignoli, Joseph Callahan,
Anthony Caminiti, John Cengia, Dan Coleman,
John J. Collins, Dominic Colamartino,
Terrence M. Colreavy, Thomas J. Cousins,
Daniel Dean, Eugene Delemere, Fiorenzo L. Dessanti,
Joseph P. Donaghy, Brian Driscoll, Richard J. Dunne Werner Eisenzopf, Kevin Enright, Peter Fiduccia,
Kevin Gallagher, Frank L. Gatti, Bernardo Gonzalez Patrick Graf, 
Alex Grant, Joseph F Hawkins,
Ulrich Kauppert, Joseph P. Kenny, Raymond Joyce, Richard R. Leone, Roger Maher, Shedrick E. Mann, John Manning, Rodney C. Mason, Billy McCarthy, James P. McKay, James McNiff,  John Moore,
John F. Morris,Owen A. Murphy,
Ronald N. Obermeier, Dennis O’Sullivan,
Robert O’Sullivan, James J. Owens,
Anthony J. Passanesi, David Regan, Edward Scanlon, Richard Skowronski, Harvey Slater, Eugene Slikas, Michael J. Smith, Philip Stasuk, Theodore Strack, Daniel Sullivan, Stephen Sullivan, Thomas Sullivan, Danny Tesseyman, Robert Thomson,
Kenneth Tomasini, Vincent P. Tormey, John West,
Robert Zangrillo 






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