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Remembrance Mass

Prayer of the Faithful by Cathal "Chuck" Cunningham '57 Founding Member PMAAA

For His Holiness, Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ For His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of N.Y.
For Father Gil Martinez, Pastor of St Paul the Apostle Parish, all the Paulist Fathers............... Bishop Gerald Walsh... and all the bishops and clergy of the Church...may they preserve the unity of the Church, which has the Holy Spirit as its origin...and peace as its binding force.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For women & men religious worldwide, who minister in Your Church, especially the Congregation of Christian Brothers...may You, the harvest Master, sustain them in their vocations and send more workers into the harvest with single mindedness of purpose.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For the speedy advancement of the Cause for Sainthood of Blessed Edmund Rice, Founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers of Ireland.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For those in position of public trust...especially the President of the United States, Governors, Senators and members of Congress...heads of State, leaders and lawmakers of all nations, that they may govern wisely, work to establish and maintain world peace, serve justice...and promote the dignity and freedom of every person.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For those of the human family encountering special difficulties ... the sick and dying, refugees and the homeless...for those suffering the effects of war or civil strife, and all who are in danger...especially the men and women of the United States Armed Forces...for all unjustly deprived of freedom...that they may be protected.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For a blessing on all human labor and for the proper use of the riches of creation, that the world may be delivered from terrorism...war... poverty...famine and disaster.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For our loved ones and friends, and all who have died in the Communion of your Church, and whose faith is known to You alone...especially our brother alumni...unknown by name to us...who have perished defending our country and the freedom of others in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, the Middle East... and those of our ranks who died so suddenly and terribly as victims of the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001. That with the angels and saints, they may rest in peace where there is no pain... fear or grief, but life eternal.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For the Power Memorial Academy Alumni Association, born of a deep and abiding respect for our now defunct Alma Mater... that with the protection and guidance of Blessed Edmund, it may flourish and succeed in its goals of fraternity and promulgation of the memory of our school and its high standards. That this may be attained through the generosity and financial support of benefactors...in turn, permitting scholarships to be provided to deserving youngsters...endowing them with the rewards of a solid secondary Catholic education.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord graciously hear us.

Recalling to mind the many sacrifices, struggles and determination of our beloved parents to provide our own, fine Catholic education in our formative years...and through it, our development as honest, Christian gentlemen, defenders of our Faith, and proud American citizens. We ask You, our Heavenly Father, to keep us ever thankful and worthy of this treasured gift from them.

*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

And finally...for ourselves...for the forgiveness of our sins and for the grace of the Holy Spirit to amend our lives. Rejoicing then, in the fellowship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, and Patroness and Protector of our country...St Paul... Saints Patrick and Bridget, and all the angels and saints, let us commend ourselves and one another and all our life to Christ...to You, O Lord our God...


*Let us pray to the Lord. **Lord, graciously hear us.

For the families of all those for whom we remember at this Mass ...I offer this Irish wish...

“Rath de ort...slan agus beannacht de Poric go leat.”
“The Grace of God be with you...fare thee well...and blessings of Patrick go with you.”

Click the Mass of Remembrance to access the entire document and download the PDF -
Note: Mass will be held March 12th
All class reunion dinner is on hold

Power Memorial Academy
Alumni Association

will be held March 12 11:00 a.m. at
St. Paul the Apostle Church
Please register on the home page.


His Excellency The Most Reverend Gerald T. Walsh, D.D.
Auxiliary Bishop of New York
Power Memorial Academy 1959


Fr. Gil Martinez, C.S.P., Pastor,
St Paul the Apostle Church, NY

Msgr. Peter V. Kain, PMA ’57, Pastor,
St. Ephrem Church, Brooklyn, NY

Fr. John Gildea, PMA ’57, St. Bartholomew, Elmhurst, NY

Fr. Raymond Nobletti, M.M., PMA ’60,
Transfiguration Church, NYC

Fr. Jeremiah Sullivan, C.S.P., PMA ‘48

Fr. Raymond Maher, O. Carm. PMA ’65  
Chaplain, Mother Angeline Manor, Columbus, Ohio

Fr. James Lloyd, C.S.P., PMA ‘39

Fr. James Mc Quade, C.S.P., Power Chaplin

Deacons Hal Lynch
Deacon Paul Morin
Deacon Bob Gruntcharak
Deacon Dean Tully

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Necrology Mass of Remembrance 2021

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