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Scholarship Fund

All Hallows HS Scholar's Video


PMAAA Scholarship Fund

Was created to perpetuate the name of Power Memorial Academy. The Fund offers need-based scholarships at All Hallows and formerly at Rice High Schools, to Catholic students who are scholastically accomplished and are U.S. citizens. Selection and continued participation of recipients is the responsibility of the school’s Administrators.

This is a 501(c)(3) fund. All donations are tax exempt.

Previous Scholarship Fund Students:

  Jason Rivera, All Hallows;  Jayson Raymond Gerard, Rice

Jude Chery, Rice;  Jonathan Cazar, All Hallows

Current All Hallows Students receiving Scholarship Funds:

Henry Pevey Grade 10
Marc Rosario Grade 10
Justin Bennett Grade 10
Joshua Garcia Grade   9
Michael Teveraugh  Grade   9




The Power Memorial Alumni Association
In Memory of Thomas Brady, Jim Costello ,Rich Coppolino Thomas “tc” Murray
BroLawrence Killelea & The Smith Family
In Memory Of: Catherine MSmith

PMAAA Board of Directors
In Memory Of Dion JMcKenna

Art Kenney, Terry McAdams
In Memory Of: Cathal “Chuck” Cunningham

Art Kenney
In Memory of :John “Coach Jack” Kuhnert ,.

Richard “Coach Dick” Percudani
In Honor Of : Bro John”Justin” O’Connor,

Raymond and Mary KenneyGeorge RBisacca
Terry McAdams
In Memory Of Barbara McAdams
In Honor Of: The Christian Brothers

Andrew “Chick” Pisani
In Memory Of: Gene Morra, Band Director

Tom McGuire
In Memory of: Patricia Hummel

A.J. Pino
In Honor Of: Angelo JPino

Mel Feldman, Art Kenny, George Zambetti
In Memory of John “Coach Jack” Dononue

Kevin Bollbach
In Memory of: Richard Dillon

Shirley and Ernest Borges
In Memory of: Oscar Sanchez

Eileen Hanigan
In Memory Of: William Hanigan

Jim Costello
In Memory Of: Brother J.HFitzgerald

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Art Kenney
In Memory Of: Ferdinand and Cora Alcindor

Len Elmore
In Memory Of: Mr And Mrs Elmore

Arthur and Jeanne Kenney
In Memory Of : John Brennen

Kenney, Clarke and Leonardo Families
In Memory Of: Teresa, ,Margaret and Thomas O’Brien

BroLawrence Killelea and The Smyth Family
In Memory Of : Catherine MSmyth

Dr. George Zambetti
In Memory Of: MrAnd MrsZambett

The Wednesday Night Group
In Memory Of :Rodney Friedman

Lai Tsang
In Memory of: George Smyth

Jake Carey, Larry Cubis, Art Kenney, Dr. Mark Sherman
In Memory Of: Harold Boyad IIIWilliam Connors
In Honor Of: James And Ellen Connors

In Memory Of BroAnthony D’Adamo

Kevin Bollbach, Art Kenney
In Honor Of: BroLawrence Killelea

Kevin Bollbach
In Honor Of: BroJoseph McLaughlin

Henry Escobar
In Honor Of: BroJohn Driscoll

Patrick Dunleavy
in Honor Of: Mrand MrsDunleavy

Arturo Kenney
In Honor Of: CavCesare Rubini

Jeanne Brennan Kenney, Barbara Brennan Van Hook
In Honor Of: Martin and Beatrice Brennan

John Roig
In Honor of: Mrand MrsFrank Roig

John Andricosky
In Honor Of Marie Andricosky

Art Kenney, Joe Mazella, Jim Signorile, DrGeorge Zambetti
In Honor Of Thomas “Tommy” Burke:

Jose B. Rivera
In Honor Of: Anselma Rivera

Henry Escobar
In Honor Of: BroJohn Driscoll

Fredrick CBoyce
In Memory Of: The Boyce Family

The McGuire Sisters
In Honor of Our Mom and Dad

John J. Andricosky
In Memory of: The Forgotten Souls of Purgatory

Dan Senkiewicz
In Memory Of: RevBrother Alphonsus LPakenham Ph.D.

Geri Marino, Eileen McGuire, Maryellen Schneider
In Honor Of: Tom McGuire

William Ruth
In Honor Of: Tom McGuire

James Monahan
In Honor of: Francis C Coleman

Pat Gallagher
Tom “tc” Murray
John Corban
Patrick Rooney
George Foley
Dion McKenna
James Cunningham
Daniel Senkiewitz
Gerard Hobbs
Joseph Cosrnza
Ken Watson
William Anderson
Owen Cosgrove
Frank Pedgano
Anthony Origgo
John Weber
Jose A Garcia

Corporate Sponsorships

American Express
Lehman Brothers
Liz Claiborn Inc.
R-A Specialists, Inc.

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Century Scholarship
Fund Contributors

Angelo Pino Full Team
Arthur Kenney Full Team
Kevin Bollbach Center
Dominick Castroita Center
Gerald McGee Coach
John Dwyer Coach
Robert Brady Shooting Guard
Walter Mugavin Shooting Guard
Michael JKelly 6th Man
In Memory Of : Aunts Molly, Annie & Bessie
John Haren Point Guard
In Memory Of: Raul Froilan
James McCallion Reserve
Michael Hoder Manager